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THE drilling of a second well (water well) in Africa is a priotity now for the artist. A second well will be sponsored in the name of Lizzy Forrester (the artist uses her second name and maternal surname - which happened by fluke) 

It will be funded from sales of Prints, Posters, Calenders, Greeting Cards adorned with the artist's work

 Available on the Cafe site.

The Busoga Trust  is the charity's name which manages the well digging (by hand by the villagers themselves) so it is really only the cost of a relatively small water pump, approximately 2000 GBPounds.

"I was so touched to see that a first donation made.... has actually become a reality! It makes such a difference when you can see that something you gave in the hope it would help others much less fortunate than yourself,  really does reach them and make a difference"

.......please take the time to click on the photos and read this story!

Many thanks to those who helped me - to a particular friend in Ibiza, who wishes not to be named;

Frances David - who works for the trust and follows everything up, keeps you updated as to where the money is, and how far things have got, and was so very kind to send these photographs with the wonderful informative letter. 

Thanks also to all those involved in the Busoga Trust, in the UK, in Uganda:

My biggest hope is to visit the place itself and meet the villagers in Bugema Lukiyamo: special thanks to the Well Caretaker for his valuable work, and the Well Committee for their responsible and appreciated work and for their wonderful letter of thanks.

I hope that they will get to know and maybe get to see the paintings (will get on with them asap.... up to you Frances?) and I am sure they'll be happy to know, a second donation with a bit of luck, will soon be on the way.